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       Padstow- the Harbour and Camel Estuary

The Camel estuary and Padstow in particular is popular with locals and holiday-makers alike.  This stems from its incredible natural beauty. The Camel Trail can be walked or cycled (cycles for hire). The Estuary is a haunt of sailors so in addition to fishing boats, yachts often moor in the Inner Harbour.  

Shops and restaurants (including Rick Stein's famous fish restaurant, he also has fish and chip shop, the Bistro Restaurant and a Pub at St Merryn) surround the picturesque harbourPadstow was an important boat building and trading port for hundreds of years.  

Slate roofed houses crowd narrow streets leading to the harbour  (above picture) on the western side of the Camel Estuary.

On the 1st of May the town celebrates the coming of Spring with the "Obby Oss" Padstow is decorated with the first greenery of the year, bluebells and hazel twigs, and the "Oss" processes with dancers, singers, and musicians, celebrating Spring. The dance's origins are believed to be pagan dating back some four thousand years, when the ancient British people had a settlement near the harbour mouth at Padstow. It is one of the oldest remaining customs in England.

Through the long centuries, of course, the May Day celebrations have changed adding other traditions around the central figure the “Obby Oss”, of which there are now three, a blue and yellow representing different “Padstonians” and the children’s “Oss”.  The celebrations last all day terminating with the “Osses” and others dancing around the Maypole.  PLEASE NOTE IT IS HELD ON 1st MAY, NOT MAY DAY.